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ohh... suit you sir!
Marian suspected that the men were feeding their brussel sprouts to the pigeons again.
When the village fortune teller predicted she was going to dine with a tall dark handsome stranger, Marian had imagined someone rather different.
Marian suddenly had the horrible feeling that she had left the iron on...
Robin knew he should have asked before he borrowed Marian's conditioner.
Robin was quite dissapointed when he awoke from a dream in which he was Marian.
Past Caption Competition Winners!

"Nasty Nigel was very impressed with Barrington's rendition of 'Pancake Day in the style of Britney Spears', but Marian had come to the 'Popstars' Audition, armed and ready for a fight." 
(Ana, winner of capt comp#1)

"Sheriff- 'Up for sale today! Buy one guards outfit, and get another free. Hand crafted in Sherwood Forest- Limited stock only!"
(Beth, winner of capt comp#2)

Sheriff- "Don't you Dare wipe that booger on me!!"
(Paul, winner of capt comp#3)

Photofit competition #1.
How many different character parts can you spot in this picture? The person to correctly find them all, wins... a fabulous prize! some mud!
The Winner, who guessed in 2 attempts was.......    Peter!

Well Done! That Mud is on its way to you!
Incase you were wondering, there were
6 parts;
Hair & hat- Barrington.
Face- Marian.
Nose- Robin.
Mouth- Rabies. 
Beard- Sherrif.
Body- Gary.

"That thong is never going to be big enough!" (Val, winner of capt comp#4

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