ArnoldThe first name of the Sheriff of Nottingham, as seen in 'Keeping Mum'.
Arrows; The main weapon of the merry men, have been fired from, and into most            objects imaginable.
Aragard; The 'Dungeons and Dragons' guise of Little Ron, in episode 'Tunnel              Vision'. Described as 'Aragard the fair, prince of Justice.'


Barrington; Member of the merry men, skilled in the art of singing, dancing               and being damn cool man!
Bazaroid; The 'Dungeons and Dragons' guise of Barrington. (Tunnel Vision).                Described as 'Bazaroid the crucial, happenin dude of the dark.'
Bloopy; A national holiday, where people fork out for over priced bloopy                 presents, and bloopy cake, and then are violently sick the next                 morning. 
Bloopy, Father; The much loved emblem of Bloopy, he lives in big nose land,           where a hundred big nosed boys make toys for all the children. He is            usually seen sporting a luminous pink fake fur beard, and riding in             his sleigh pulled by 16 hippopotamus'(cause he doesn't like using               buses.)
Beansprouts; A handy little vegetable, exclusive to the region of 'chop                      suey', can grow into a beanstalk when discarded, to take the                    climber to a world full of free chinese food.
Bearded Avocado; Also know as little Ron. (Rotten Rose pt.2)
Beast of Bolsover,The; A nasty creature that takes peoples homes for                                  their own.
Bouncey Sheriff; What you get when you stick a high pressure hose in the                         Sheriff of Nottinghams navel. Also useful as a new toy for                      Guy.
Brother Cliff, the singing Monk; Worksop's answer to 'cliff richard'.
Big Nosed Land; (See Bloopy, Father). 
Colin; The much loved, and much wronged chicken, falsely accused of double           parking, his misfortune touched the heart of dozens, so was thrown           an event, to raise money for his release. 'Colin's Release'.
Cow Pat; An avid fan of Robin Hood, was seen in 'Rotten Rose', having her             arm signed by the man himself.
Clem Costner; A Brummey Robin Hood impersinator, employed by the King, to                  spread false rumour and wrong doings about the hooded                        archer. Also known as 'Robin the Bad'. 
Countess Shwartsenegger (!?)
of Luxembourg; Welcomed by the royals in 'keeping mum', as a bride for                       Guy, yet kidnapped by the merry men, and replaced by                         marian's mum, to rescue marian from the clutches of                          Arnold.
Chickweed; A peasant of the little girl variety, falls prey to Clem                      Costners wrong doings, when her pet hedgehog Mr. Tiggywinkle,                had his nose pulled off.
Cronic the Hedgehog; Popular game of the time, involved crabs, ladders                            and several stupid participants.
Chop Suey; A much loved staple of the villagers of Worksop and the Merry                 Men. Also an excuse to sing bad Elvis impersonations. (See                   Beansprouts.)
Driving Lessons; Sought after by the King, and Rose Scargill, these 20                      minute slots, involve driving into other peoples                            houses, running over Hedgehogs, and stirring up thier                       chickens.
Double Trouble; Popular dance of the time, involves jumping in the air,                     getting in a huddle, sitting down, and getting tied up.
Dentists; They've got a tube, that sucks up spit... Need I say more!?
Dungeons and Dragons; A Game played by sad, single middle aged men                               with nothing better to do than dress up and make                            fools of themselves. 

Edwina; Marian's pet tadpole, who she tried to sell, yet in the process            ended up getting swallowed by the sheriff of nottingham, and               then stuck up Rabies' nose.
Elephant; A Large grey animal with the voice of Graeme the guard.

Forest; The natural habitat of 'the merry men', indiginous to sherwood,            and full of trees.
Gary; A guard of the kings, father of Herman and best friend to Graeme.         Known throughout the region for his stupidity.
Graeme; A guard of the Kings, and best friend to Gary. Also known for              his stupidity, and dislike of ostriches.
Guy of Gisbourn; The Kings nephew, with the mental age of a five year                       old, with a love for silly jokes, parties and the                          kings arch nemesis Maid Marian.
Gavin; Once a member of the kings guard, yet was dissmissed due to his            small bladder. He was five by the way!
Gladys; Peasant of Worksop, and friend to all. Has skills in sewing up             elephants, and making chop suey.
Green Y Fronts; The undergarment of Robin Hood, guarenteed a hit with                      the ladies.
Grungesplatter; The 'Dungeons and Dragons' guise of Rabies. (tunnel                        vision) described as 'The all seeing, the all knowing,                     the all wise.'...Who am I again?
Gamesmaster,The; Not, as Marian described, 'one of those sadists that                       make you run round the playing field 10 times because                      you've forgotten your P.E kit.' But the 'Dungeon and                       Dragons' guise of Robin Hood, and The keeper of the                        Maze of Mystery, a catacomb of tunnels and...well you                      get the picture.   

Herman; Gary's Pet Silver dog, offered to Robin in 'Robert the                     Incredible chicken', yet returned because of it's constant                 pineing.
Hayley; Proud discoverer of 'Hayley's vomit' in 'They came from outer              space', can also be seen giving helpful safety advice during               driving lessons.
High Forks Night; You know the rhyme; 'Remember Remember the 27th of                        April.' An occasion in which forks are thrown onto a                       bonfire, and little children hold sticks of dynamite                       against the wishes of their parents and end up in                          hospital with 3rd degree burns, it's ever so much                          fun! (Raining Forks)
Holiday Camps; Places of forced fun, where you are charged                                extortionate prices for very thick shakes and big macs,                    and have to hit peasants on the head with coconuts in                      order to win little plastic bags of fishes.
Hippopotamusissss; The preferred transport of Father Bloopy. (See                             Bloopy, Father.)

Invisibility, used tissue of; The prize given to the winner of 'the                                         maze of mystery' by the 'giver of                                            gifts' alias Guy. Renders the handler                                        invisible. Except for the sheriff.                                           (Tunnel Vision.)
John; A Game consisting of lots of multi-coloured balls, two sticks, a          triangle of wood, and a square of chalk. The object being to knock        the balls into the pockets of Gary and Graeme with out them               falling off the table. (the balls that is) (A game called John.)
King John; The Ruler of England, and all round bag egg. Likes                         tortureing peasants, stealing candy from babies, and                       sticking twin turbo exhaust pipes up the sheriffs tights and               using him as a trail bike.
Kylie the pig strangler; Works in Nottingham castle, and also                                      moonlights as a singer in local nightclubs.
Kevin the little big nosed boy; Who hammers away with his nose all                                       day to make toys for all the little                                        girls and boys but sometimes some of                                       the little ones get stuck up his                                           nose and he has to blow them out                                           into his hanky panky otherwise they                                        might fly out and hit someone...
Luxembourg; The size of one of its boring postage stamps, full of cows,                and its got a mountain with a minstrel on top who balls the                top 40 over the english channel all night long. 
Little miss bossy boots; Marian's nickname at school.
Little Ron; Member of the Merry Men, skilled in mameing, clubbing and                  pushing people off bridges.
Marian; The original fearless leader of the Merry Men, skilled in archery,           Wood craft and generally out witting the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Merry Men; The collective term for Marian's gang, the members being;                    Robin, Barrington, Little Ron and Rabies...oh and Susan.
Mud; The staple diet of the villagers of Worksop, and also used for the          annual mud tossing championships, defeating the two headed people of         scunthorpe, and ruining Robin's White suit.
Much the Mini Mart Managers son; A wheeler dealing lounge lizard,                                           who two timed Marian and Rose and                                            conned the King and Merry Men out of                                         their money by selling them second                                           hand weapons, and army surplus.
Mad Tim Mallet; The psychopathic hammer maniac.
Marian's Mum; Came to stay in 'Keeping Mum', thinking that her daughter                   was a dental receptionist. Also a member of a gang back                      home comprised of Uncle Dick, Auntie Betty and Mrs Rumbold                   from no.63; the most wanted woman in Pontefract since the                    great wheelchair robbery. robbing from the young and giving                  to the old.
Muti-coloured pimple plague; Infested King John's holiday camp in                                        'Raining Forks'. The symptoms being                                           playdo spots with a filling of birds                                         custard.

Nigel Pargiter; Resident of Worksop, and the victim of a brutal                         cucumber attack from Clem Costner.
Nettle; Friend to the Merry Men, and a villager of Worksop. Helped              the Merry Men in the rescuing of Marian and the uncovering of           Rose's evil doings in 'Rotten Rose pt1+2'.  
Nottingham Castle; The Abode of the King.
Nottingham Tunnel; Crossing the borders of Worksop and Scunthorpe,                         yet was postponed due to hard ground.
Naked; The state of the villagers of Worksop after the sherrif stole           their clothes to make into giant stuffed animals.

Only child; They get right up Marians nose, with their stupid hair and                stupid clothes. They include Guy, Robin, and King John,                   although he's got an older brother, still goes running to                 his mother. He's a pig and he's a bully, even though his                  mouth is full he, keeps on talking and his breakfast goes                 a flying...
Pancake Day (Papapapapapapapa); Much loved holiday of the people                                          of Worksop, you see you                                                   take some eggs...
Plop-Bop; Guy's Friend from outer space. aka Snooker covered with glue              and leaves...and a family of field mice.
Plib-Bib; The 'Alien Identity' of Robin.
Prince of Quails; Alias Graeme, a judge of the song for worksop.
Paul the pig juggler; Unsuccesful comedy act, you'll like him not                               alot.
Pizza Portion of Wisdom; One of the prizes in the 'maze of                                          mystery'.

Queen Eleanor; The Kings sister, and mother to Guy, does a rather nasty                     trick with a pencil.
Robin; The rather dashing, but dim tailor from Kensington. Member of            the Merry Men, although he likes to think of himself as the              leader, is adapt at fashion, but rubbish with a bow and arrow.
Rabies; Member of the Merry Men, skilled in breaking things, and                 growing trees as best friends.
Rose; Marian's best friend, and worst enemy. Goes out of her way to             trick the Merry Men into deadly situations. Also Robin Hood's            number 1 fan.
Robert the Incredible Chicken; Robin's disguise in the archery                                         contest.
Rasta, Wally and Bearded Avocado; Also known as Barrington,                                                 Rabies and Little Ron.
Sherrif of Nottingham; Deadly enemy of the Merry Men, and                                     together with Gary and Graeme this terrible                             trio wreak havoc on peasants, small                                     children, and defenseless chickens.
Snooker; A Villager of Worksop, first introduced in 'A Game called               John' after his patenting of the game of the same name.                 Among his credits have been running a chinese emporium,                 building a hut out spaghetti and being the original                     Plop-Bop.
Stinker; The name given to Snooker by the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Susan; A small fir tree, grown and cared for by Rabies, playing an             integeral part in the downfall of King John in 'Rotten Rose             pt2'. 
Song for Worksop; Worksop's answer to the Eurovision song contest,                        the idea for which was stolen from Marian by                            Rose, who planned to rig the contest in order to                        gain some free driving lessons.
Sultan of Turkey; Graeme's identity when trying to fix the 'song                          for worksop contest.'
Singing; A much loved pastime of the Merry Men, and the villagers of             Worksop, who have a great sense of rhythm due to the                    hundreds of years of oppression.
Stickers; The much collected Booty of the merry men in 'Tunnel                     Vision'.
Sherwood Forest; (see Forest)
Snogging; Alot of which is done in the episode 'Much the mini mart                managers son', paired with picking their partners pockets.
Sheik Abdulla, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries for the peoples republic of south yemin; The Sheriff's identity                             whilst fixing the 'song for worksop.' contest.
Scunthorpe; Much loved early stomping ground for Marian whilst in                   the girl guides, and also the site of a Holiday camp and                a very unfortunate burying of 'Brown Owl'.
Scarbourough; Home of Marian's Mum, and her gang.
Spaghetti hoop of being able to speak lots of foreign languages with a really good accent; Prize in the 'Maze of                                                    Mystery'.

An a-z guide to all things Maid Marian!
(If I have missed anything out, please feel free to tell me!!)
Also seen in the series were a massive amount of Parody's. 
As there are waaay too many for one person to document, I've just added one of my favorites; Robin Hood Prince of Thieves... HERE.
Timmy; Friend of Clem Costner, and Impersonator of the Sheriff of              Nottingham.
Thicky Stupid; Name given to Robin, after being cast off by the                        Merry Men, and ridiculed by the Villagers, for the                      crimes of Clem Costner. (See Clem Costner.)

UNDERSTAND!!??; A Phrase used by King John whilst threatening the                     Sheriff of Nottingham.
Used Tissue of Invisibility; (see Invisibility, Used Tissue                                        of.)
Vomit; Seen (unfortunately) in 'They come from outer space', after            Hayley spotted a comet. This was later named Hayley's Vomit.
Worksop; A very muddy village, and residence of peasants, chickens               and...more mud.
Walter; A Resident of the Royal Torture chamber.
White Suit; The Outfit worn by Robin in 'The Great mud harvest',                   which inevitably got very muddy.
Weasel; Another Resident of the Royal Torture Chamber.
Wally; A Peasant.
West Bromwich Puppet Workshop; Seen in 'They came from outer                                         space', putting on a show which                                        sounded remarkably like the                                            Dalecks from Dr. Who.
Yoyo; A toy owned by Guy, and the starting point of many hilarious          jokes.
One of the more brilliant Parody's was the frequent reference to the film 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'
First seen in 'They came from outer space' and then in 'Robin the Bad', this had a special edge, as the Howard Lew-Lewis 'Aka' Rabies, appeared in the film.

Here is some of the transcript from 'They Came from Outer Space.'

Marian- Robin, do stop talking in that silly voice. One of these days we're going to be famous, and our story will be told all over the world in moving picture galleries. It's going to look really stupid if we're all nicely spoken and you're gibbering on like a posey cowboy isn't it.
Barrington- Yeah, It'll never sell man!
(These were references to Kevin Costner's American accent in the film.)

Rabies- So do you think our story will be in one of those moving picture galleries?
Robin- Oh bound to be I'd say.
Little Ron- What, 'Robin Hood Prince of Weeds'?
Rabies- Will I be in it do you reakon? 
Robin-  Oh I shouldn't think so, I see you more as one of those naff comedy characters. But I'll be up there, being bold, being brave-
Little Ron- Being upstaged by the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Robin- And in the end of course, cause I'm the hero, I'll get to snog the girl won't I?
Little Ron- What Marian? She'd rather be snogged by a warthog with bad breath.
Robin- Not the real Marian obviously, she's too bossy. Someone soft, someone who can reconise my      powers of leadership.
Rabies- Someone daft you mean.
(Both references to Howard's appearence in the film, and the acting of Alan Rickman 'Aka' The Sheriff of Nottingham.)

There were also references to the film in 'Robin the Bad', when A Robin Impersonator was hired to trick the Villagers and Merry Men into thinking Robin was bad. And what do you think his name was?...
Clem Costner!!
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