24th March '18.
Wow! It's been nearly 10 years since an update here, and what better time to announce a "Maid Marian and her Merry Men Reunion" care of the lovely people over at Thames Con. They are getting some of the band back together for photoshoots, autographs, a workshop and Q&A with the cast, and a chance to make a window box with Maid Marian herself, the multi-talented Kate Lonergan! The convention is on the 28th April 2018 (the day after "High Forks Night" see the A-Z)
I am super excited to say the least! Tickets for the Q&A and workshop are limited and selling fast! For more info, see their WEBSITE, and for updates see their FACEBOOK PAGE.
Hope to see you all there!

...psssst... there's also been talk of a new MMMM Stage Show, if you want to find out more, go to Thames Con and ask Tony Robinson himself in the Q&A!!

7th May '08.
I've smartened up the overall layout of the site, hopefully all links work, let me know if you find any duff ones! Also there's a new episode guide section, text taken from both Keith and Barringtons guides.

6th May '08.
The Fanfiction page (found in the collection of amusing things page) is now updated. New artwork and fan videos have also been added. Check them out! Also a new caption competition has been added!

5th May '08.
Ok, so there is now a new page dedicated to the maid marian songs! Thanks to all who put them onto YouTube, you've made my life a hell of a lot easier! Lyrics are also linked to. There is also a very cool outtake video in the behind the scenes section, thanks to Jack for that! Links are also updated. There is now a stage show page which compiles all the info gathered by other sites. I've been able to find some cast photos which I think you'll find very interesting!! Also added is a DVD and video page, all updated.

4th May '08.
Again, apologies for the lack of updating. I've made some changes to the layout of the site, the pressure's on since I've been linked to from the BBC website, I feel like someone important is coming to tea and I have to spring clean the house! I've added dvd and comic pages which are under construction, also linked to Barrington's episode guide and IMDB for the ep guide and biography sections. The forum is properly linked to on each page, and the photos are now under the multimedia section. I've still got a lot of work to do, but hopefully you'll see some changes in the next few weeks.

4th April '06.
I'm working on updating this site (finally!), with university coming to a close, my job-less-ness and general nothing-to-do-ness, gives me more time to bring this site back to date! Watch this space!

20th March '06.
Series one released on DVD!! Featuring an audio commentry on episode one by Tony Robinson, and a brand new comic insert draw by the same artist (Paul Cemmick) who drew the original MMMM comic books! GO BUY IT!! Series 2 on the way in June?

20th January '06.
First of all, my apologies for the lack of updates, university life will do that to a person! On the update front, most of you have probably found the new Forum site, for those who haven't, I have linked to it in my Chatroom section. GO NOW!

Secondly... Thanks to a post on the guestbook, I have been informed that the BBC are going to release Series One on DVD on March 6th. See FAQ and the Forum for more details.


8th May '04.
Adam Morris (Robin) is currently in Barcelona filming a new series for CBBC with S Club 8. He plays their very stern tutor in a fictional academy for budding pop stars. At the moment its going to be called "I Dream"... 

26th March '04.
Adam has recently added some FANTASTIC info on his commercials on his website. Check out the quicktime movies!! BRILLIANT!!

4th Febrary '04.
A Belated Happy New Year! And an apology for the lack of updates! University life does that to a person! Hope you all enjoy these new updates for caption competition #4 and a new FAQ page has been added to deal with the many questions I get regarding Videos/Dvd's/Comics/Mp3's etc etc... Enjoy!

31st July '03.
The winner of caption competition #3 is announced, and Caption competition #4 has been posted.

26th July '03.
New interviews with Mark Billingham and Ramsay Gilderdale have now been posted.
The Multimedia section now contains the MM Song lyrics, as well as a few more in video format. Audio coming soon...

20th July '03.
You may notice a new look to my site. The background now being taken from the cover of a MMMM Book! Also updated is Caption Comp#3, and 'The Merry Oath'. Coming soon will be The Guide  "How the Be a Merry Man"...

22nd February '03.
A new interview with Howard Lew Lewis aka Rabies, has been added to the Interviews section. Also a new caption competition has been added to the CofAT page, and the winner of caption comp#2 is also announced. Also, I'm adding robin animated cursors as we speak, in the Wallpapers section.

1st February '03.
Happy Belated New Year to you all! Newly updated sections include the Collection of Amusing Things page, where the winner of the Photofit Competition is announced, and also some new entrys for the Caption Competition #2 have been added.
Also if you've ever wondered about the person behind this site, a new page about me has been added!

31st August '02.
A Transcript of an email from Paul Cemmick, the artist behind the fabulous MMTitles, and Books.

18th August '02.
Multimedia section added with the MM tunes in video format.

17th August '02.
New additions to the Links section, and the biography sections have been added. Including a Where are they now? section.

15th July '02.
The Music video 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion', was waaaay too big to post on this site. If you would like to view it, I can email it to you. (Only isp email addresses will work; ukonline, btinternet...etc.)

29th June '02.
New Biographies added for some cast members HERE.

25th June '02.
The A-z is now finished, and new Parody's section has been added to it.

24th June '02.
This site is now listed on Yahoo.com!

18th June '02.
New Adam interview added to the Interviews page.
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